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I think the official number of tourists who visit Lake Tahoe every summer is something like a zillion, give or take a few.  Getting from one place to another on the lake means you'll be driving along beautiful highway 89, most likely looking at (you guessed it) the lake.    However, sometimes if you turn your head the other direction, you can see the most beautiful things! One of my very favorite beaches on the West Shore is Meek's Bay Resort, [read more]
We kicked off the first week of summer by spending a few days at my favorite place in the whole world - Lake Tahoe.  Due to our unusually cool spring and summer, it was waaay too cold to spend any time on the beach, so one day we took a hike at D.L. Bliss state park.  The lake's shades of sapphire, turqoise and deep blue took my breath away and I couldn't help but take a few photos to [read more]
This month's topic for the Garden Designers Roundtable is Inspiration, and it took me all of 2 seconds to figure out what I'd write about. Without a doubt, Mother Nature (the grandest Garden Designer of them all) provides me with endless inspiration. To see classic design principles perfectly implemented and naturally occurring fills both my heart and soul. / Sometimes, when stumbling upon something particularly awe-inspiring, I just pray that I'm able to take it all in so I can [read more]
I can never seem to manage a truly 'wordless' Wednesday post, so I'll try again to be brief. I took these photos last week while vacationing in Lake Tahoe.  This naturally occurring meadow was just a few miles from Tahoe City, and the Lupines and yellow Monkeyflowers were at their peak. I was counting my lucky stars I had my Nikkon with me as I overheard someone mention there hasn't been a bloom like this in years. . . . [read more]
. Living  here in California can be exhausting for a gardener - specifically here in the Bay Area, where our average Winter temperatures only dip down into the 30's.  Our gardens are pretty much year-round here and always in some state of 'workability' in the Winter, always staring you in the face asking when you're going to come on out and tend to it. . Right this minute, in fact,  I have many shrubs giving me a guilt trip as [read more]

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